He Was Running Back Home In The Rain When He Noticed A Kitten. What He Does Next? OMG.

Mother Nature is amazing. We have all heard of the survival of the fittest and kill or be killed, but there are also stories of love and acceptance – this is one of those stories! After being born during a rainstorm, a small kitten was abandoned by his mother. The man found the kitten all covered in slugs.
They picked up the tiny cat, the kitten looked dead. But a tiny meow from the kitty proved he was still alive, but just barely. The kind man washed the kitten off and took it to another mother who had a litter of her own. Within a few minutes it is clear that the tiny kitten has a new family and a loving mom!

We will never know why his birth mother rejected him – but it doesn’t matter. A wonderful man found him and gave found him a new home! Share away, people!