Would you risk jail to rescue a baby bear?

What he did was illegal, and he knew it, but he had no choice…

Corey Hancock was walking by a national park, in his native Oregon, USA, when he saw a baby bear that was nearly dead.

“It was laying on its back, barely moving. It twisted a couple times. Its paws weren’t moving. It wasn’t breathing. It was dying”, Hancock told The Oregonian/OregonLive.

“I thought of my own baby at home”, he said. “The bear looked like a child, I couldn’t just stand there and let him die in the rain?”So he took the bear with him, knowing that what he was doing was illegal, and ran to his car. “All the time, I was sure a furious mother bear would come looking for me.”

When they got to the car, the baby bear had stopped breathing. Hancock administered mouth to mouth to get him breathing again, and brought him to the nearest wildlife rehab centre where he was treated for cold, dehydration and hunger.

Despite his heroic act according to the Oregon Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Hancock could have received a $ 6,000 fine for removing the bear from federal land, or worse still he could have gotten a year in jail!

Luckily this time round there will be no punishment for this kindhearted man, and the little bear is happy, and back to full health again.

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