Reporter Saves Horses From California Wildfire During Live Broadcast

Southern California firefighters have their hands full now. There are currently four massive wildfires burning and they are consuming everything in their path. Thousands of thousands of acres of land have been burned to a crisp. To make things worse, there seems to be no end to these fires in sight. The winds are as gusty as they’ve ever been and they continue to fan the flames.

Kristine Lazar is a reporter who was assigned to cover the fires. While most journalists might have balked at this idea, she is not most reporters. She found herself in peril during this assignment and was able to rise to the occasion in a major way. This incredible rescue took place while she was delivering a critical report from Gibson Ranch.

This facility is family owned and provides boarding for numerous horses. It is also used to host various equine events. The wildfires has reached the ranch and firefighters had yet to arrive on the scene. Kristine and her cameraman were placed on the spot. If they did not intervene, these horses were in a grave amount of danger. Fortunately, this reporter was more than willing to answer the call of duty.