Police Officer Risks His Own Life To Save Two Drowning Dogs

With all of the horrible things that are taking place in the world, it’s hard to remember that there are some good people left. When one police officer heard about the plight of a pair of dogs, I have definitely stepped into action to ensure that they were kept safe. This took place in Colorado, where Ed Prescott received a call about two dogs drowning in a river.

He was assigned to the Investigations Division, which does not require him to answer to calls, but he did so anyway. On the scene, I found the owner and her two dogs near the river; The pooches had jumped into the channel after some ducks, and were not able to get back out due to the strong currents. I have devised a plan to get the dogs out by roping them together and tying them to a metal grate nearby before jumping in himself.

Take a look at this picture

He advised the owner to move up current so that the dogs would swim towards her, and that made it much easier for him to bring the wet pooches to shore. Mr. Policeman, you are an inspiration! Share this incredible rescue story with your friends too!