Ohio Mother Sentenced To Life In Prison For Raping Her 12-Year-Old Daughter With Her…

The gift of having a child is something most people cherish, there is a natural instinct when becoming a mother that puts the needs of the child before your own. However, this is not the case with every mother.

In a truly disturbing story, an Ohio woman had exploited her daughter now facing a life sentence in jail. The 37 year old mother Jeanie Mae Carpenter admitted to helping her boyfriend rape her 12 year old daughter.

The mother reportedly would help by holding down her daughter while her boyfriend raped her. Though it is unclear how long the abuse went on for, it is reported to have happened multiple times.

This abuse came to the police’s attention when the daughter told a relative that her mother’s boyfriend had been abusing her. The 32 year old boyfriend, James John Kirksey, had already been a registered offender before this incident came to the surface.

Jeanie Mae Carpenter was founded guilty for four separate charges: one count of complicity to commit rape, two counts of permitting to child abuse, one count of endangering children, and one count of obstructing official business. She will now be registered as a sex offender along with her boyfriend who is also receiving two life sentences.

‘If a 12-year-old girl cannot trust her mother to love and protect her, who in this world can she ever trust? She certainly wouldn’t expect her mother to be assisting in the rape,’ Judge Fregiato stated during Carpenter’s sentencing. The judge considered this case to be a ‘crime against nature.’

The mother is set to serve 20 years in prison but as this appalling story circulates and shocks readers, many people argue that this sentence is not enough. If Jeanie Mae Carpenter is granted parole after her sentence she will be registered as a Tier 3 sex offender. Tier 3 is of the most severe when it comes to Ohio’s sex offender designations. This will require her to register her address every three months for the rest of her life.

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Via: Providr