Little Boy Befriends Blind Deer To Make Sure She Can Fond Food

Who would ever believe a little boy in a Chicago suburb would befriend a blind deer and walk her to the grassy parts of the community to make sure she had food?
Is there anything in the world more endearing than a child who has a huge love and admiration for animals? Sure some kids get to grow up on farms and build relationships with horses, pigs and cows.

Nothing seems unusual on farms as wildlife regularly comes quietly to graze during those warm spring mornings out in the country, but in the city?
Not too long ago, a Reddit contributor posted the photo of a ten-year-old boy walking very closely to the deer. The photo went viral:

“There is a blind deer in our neighborhood and this boy (10 yrs old) walks her from one grass patch to another every day before school to make sure she finds food.”

The child had been with the deer for several days, and although he had not named the animal nor referred to her as “his pet or anything like that,” he was just one of the neighbors who had taken a special interest in the animal to make sure she could eat – otherwise how would a blind little doe ever survive?

“The little boy was by far the sweetest example of helping and caring. He showed a lot of love and respect and my wife and I are going to talk to his mom about a way she would want to see his act of kindness rewarded,” the Reddit user wrote. “We are going to frame this photo for them and offer to take him to the local wildlife preserve whenever he wants to go.”
In case you are wondering what happened to the deer – rest assured the neighborhood residents made sure this helpless little gal had a happy ending. The Reddit poster followed up with the information that a licensed wildlife rescue group had been able to pick up the deer and bring her to safety at a nearby sanctuary.
Others loved the idea and praised the boy’s compassion:

And although we can’t be sure why and how an orphaned and blind deer wound up wandering alone in a Chicago suburb, we can be sure there are still a lot of compassionate folks out there ready to help all those who cannot speak for themselves. Of special interests to all of us however, is this young boy assuring us that he will grow up to be an awesome adult.
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