Did you know that the shape of your fingers can tell a lot about your personality? We admit, it sounds odd, but once you see how accurate it is you will be amazed. Find your finger shape and read on, then tell us if you agree with it in the comment section.

Finger shape A
You’re not an emotional person on purpose – you want everyone to think that you’re cool. However, you are emotional on the inside and you are nice to people you’re close with. You never quit no matter the obstacle and you always push hard to finish something even if you hate it. You enjoy helping people and you are honest.
Even though you’re a good person, hiding your emotions makes you a sad person on the inside.
Finger shape B
You dream about your true love and this makes you loyal once you fall in love with someone. You do what you want once you set your mind on it, and you are strong and independent, although very sensitive as well. You are afraid of being hurt by the people you love.
Finger shape C
You don’t want to stick around someone who’s making you angry, and you hate trying new things – you are comfortable enough in your own world. You are not an open person, but you will open to someone you think it’s worthy. You have a high ego and a soft heart which easily forgives. You can be touched easily.

So, what’s your finger shape? Do you agree with the written above?