Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Pick The Best Watermelon

One of the best things about summer is enjoying a nice, juicy watermelon. But it sure does spoil the fun if you don’t pick out a good watermelon! To help you decide which melon is the best, keep reading, we have five simple tips!

1. All watermelons have those large white spots, called field spots – and it is completely natural. As the name implies, that spot is where the watermelon sat on the ground. The best melons will have an orange-yellow or creamy yellow spot! So, don’t pick the one that you think looks the cleanest!

2. Ever see all those brown webs that criss cross watermelons? Those are a good thing! The webs mean that a bee once pollinated the flower – the more webs, the more times the bees visited! The melons with the most webs will be the sweetest!

3. Yes, even watermelons have genders! A ‘boy’ watermelon is taller and tends to be waterier. A ‘girl’ watermelon is round and short, but they are sweeter! I don’t think that comes as a surprise to most – of course, girls are sweeter!

4. Size does matter, and bigger isn’t always better! The most delicious watermelons won’t be the gigantic ones or the smallest ones. Find an average sized melon for a yummy treat!

5. If your watermelon has a green tail, that means it was picked early and won’t have a good taste. A dried tail means the melon was picked at the right time and will have a lovely flavor!

Via: relayhero