‘His fur saved his life’: Puppy thrown into fire pit by kids!

Dogs have been man’s best friend for countless generations. Humans trust in these amazing beings because of their loyalty; their demeanor, and above all, their unbeatable companionship.

But for a little puppy named Polo, humans let him down in the worst way possible.

One Sunday in May, some kids stole the puppy from his porch and threw him into a fire pit.

The town where Polo lived is in the far north of Manitoba, Canada. His family didn’t have electricity or running water and there was no veterinarian in their town. Polo had to be flown 375 miles (600km) south to Winnipeg to be treated by the nearest vet.

When Polo arrived at the animal hospital; his burns were so extensive that the vets couldn’t tell which breed he was.

“His whole body was smoking … and he had smoke and bubbles coming from his nose,” Katie Powell of the Save A Dog Network Canada told CityNews.

According to CBC News, Polo has admitted at the Tuxedo Animal Hospital, where he received treatments for second degree’s burns.

He had damage to his nose, mouth, paws, testicles, and stomach. His throat and lungs were swollen and his eyes were covered with sores.

Polo’s wounds were overwhelming, but at the same time, he might not have survived the fire if it wasn’t for one thing.

The veterinarians believe that Polo’s thick fur saved his life.

Polo’s family was obviously grateful to the animal hospital’s amazing effort to save their beloved four-legged family member. But, they also had to make a tough decision.

Because they didn’t think that Polo would be safe with them anymore, the family decided to give him up for adoption.

They suspected that the kids who threw Polo in the fire did it as a way to bully one of their children.

“The children are devastated. The family is at a loss for words,” Powell told CityNews.

Despite the fact that Polo suffered enormously, it hasn’t affected his temperment. Powell told Today that the puppy was joyful the whole time he was at the animal hospital.

He constantly waved his tail to show appreciation for his veterinarians.

It took time for Polo to recover, but now, has left the hospital – and has been adopted by loving family in Vancouver.

“He’s a tough little dog,” says veterinarian Jonas Watson.

What a little fighter! Please share Polo’s story to inspire others to keep fighting when things look tough for our four-legged friends.

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