Corgi Pup Plays With Chicken! Watch That Hilarious Scene!

You are going to be thrilled, and this is one of the most memorable encounters between the hen and the dog we have seen in a month. This footage takes the first place among the similar videos, and you will certainly enjoy every minute of it.

But who is going to help the hen?

Watch now to find out the outcome, and don’t forget to express your opinion in the comments. These two can make anyone smile, and in case you are looking for something hilarious, you’ve come to the right place!

The sweetest fight!

Of course, animal fights can be brutal, and we can’t express how concerned we are at the sight of them, but the video below will leave you in stitches the moment you see it. The adorable corgi is determined to win, and he attacks the hen in the barnyard. What do you think happens next?

The little nugget has her own fighting style, and she has to defend her position in the yard, so we are going to be treated with a unique performance. These two do not look like wrestlers, yet they have something to say to one another, and their feelings are obvious when they start an argument in the barnyard.

This feathered friend has all the determination and confidence in the world, and corgi is a tornado on legs, so who is going to be number one in this scene? Videos with animals always leave a warm feeling, because they are made to bring people joy. If you are not sure whether to watch the tape below, press play without hesitation.