Beast Who Murdered Girlfriend By Pulling Intestines Out Of Vagina Reveals His Reason

Fidel Lopez, 26, murdered his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, 31, in September 2015 during sex. Nemeth had accidentally called out her ex-husband’s name twice and passed out. At that point, Lopez flew into a rage. At the time of the murder, Lopez was also drunk (which he used to defend his actions).

Lopez destroyed the apartment, upturned furniture, and punched walls. Then he started to assault the unconscious Nemeth sexually. First, he shoved a hair straightening iron and a tequila bottle into her vagina.

Then, he shoved his hand up her vagina, grabbed her intestines and yanked them out! Lopez dragged Nemeth to the bathroom and tried to revive her by splashing water on her face, it didn’t work.